July 18, 2008

Stacked up

Just washed fabrics from the Urban Chiks Swell collection. I can't wait to cut into the seersucker; it's so soft and light, I think it will be perfect for children's clothes.
Works in progress, including two for a certain niece's upcoming second birthday.
My new ceramic measuring cups from Anthropologie that finally went on sale (sale price not listed online).

Books left on my summer reading list: The Perfect Summer, Mountains Beyond Mountains, The Birth House, The White Tiger and Bill's Food.

Books on my recently read list:

When You Are Engulfed in Flames - kind of depressing, I had to read it in short bursts rather than devouring it like I usually do with something David Sedaris writes. Mid-life crisis is just not that funny.

I Capture the Castle - a smart, funny book with a strong female teenage protagonist. A good summer read and a book I wish I'd read when I was 17.

Lullabies for Little Criminals - hard to read at times, but oh so good. It really captures the confusion of being a preteen/teenage girl trying to navigate adult issues.

Unaccustomed Earth - stunning, I couldn't put it down. I've been a huge fan of Jhumpa Lahiri's writing since The Interpreter of Maladies and she doesn't disappoint with this book.

Can You Hear the Nightbird Call? - an historical novel set during the time since Partition through the Air India disaster. I wish I'd been aware of the politics and issues leading to Sikh extremism when it was actually happening. I grew up in the middle of it and was completely oblivious.

Only seven summer weekends left, how will I manage to finish and get in my required hours of hammock lounging and gin & tonic sipping?


sheepish one said...

your fabric stack is really, really pushing me to get out my sewing machine this morning... every day i say i'm going to do it, and yet every day other things pop up on the to do list that are more important. i can't wait to see what it is you create with all of that!

thanks for your review of when you are engulfed in flames. i have loved david sedaris' other books, but have hesitated to purchase the new one. it's gotten some harsh reviews in the media. and now after your comment, i think i'll wait a little longer! i have enough depression sitting on my bookshelves.
take time to sip and swing this weekend!

Karen said...

I love your fabric choices, especially the seersuckers. I still remember a blue seersucker skirt I had back in the 80s and wish I still had it, (even though it wouldn't fit my hiney any more).

La Brebis Roses said...

I can never get enough of Anthropologie's measuring cups! It's wonderful to find them on sale. :)