July 3, 2008


doll quilt outside
My very first doll quilt: made for the Lemonade Stand Swap hosted by the lovely and talented Virginia of Ubercrafty. I fixed the wonky binding but had to go to two fabric stores to find fabric in the correct color of yellow. The original piece came from a bag of scraps that I found at a yard sale and is apparently of a color rarely made in present day. Or not available in my local stores which may be more likely.

The other fabrics are a mixture of new and old, with the old being the white with the little blue flowers that I used on the front and as the backing. I wasn't sure how to quilt it and tried to get creative with some overlapping squares. I'm generally happy with it, but can I just say that making a doll quilt is much harder than one would think. Yeah, I totally underestimated that one. I hope my partner likes it and her daughter enjoys playing with it.
doll quilt peak
Now to scour my fabric stash to find some choice pieces to include in the package as an apology for its extreme lateness.

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Caitlin said...

That is way cute! I love the fun colors.