August 27, 2008

Birthday Bugs

Birthday cake
We celebrated birthdays for my nephew (4) and my niece (2) while we were on vacation. My sister-in-law had planned a bug themed event (she teaches elementary school and has the best ideas) and she let me make the cake. I used a butterfly cake mold and my favorite chocolate cake mix. It was a hot day so I added vegetable shortening to frosting so that it wouldn't melt. The frosted cake held up perfectly and was delicious (I managed to eat two pieces).
There were make-your-own-ladybug-cupcakes for the kids. We iced the cupcakes with red frosting and provided bowls of licorice sticks and M&M's so they could add antennae and spots at will.
Those under 4 feet tall also got to make bookmarks using bug-shaped foam stickers. It was amazing to me that even the 1 year-old knew how to peel the backing off a sticker. Seriously, kids these days are so advanced. It was especially fun to see them working on a table that was made for me by my dad.
A rousing game of "Pin the Spider on the Web" kept everyone captivated for at least 15 minutes. The door to the patio is metal, so my sister-in-law stuck magnets to the backs of homemade paper spiders.
Of course, there were presents: lots of Hot Wheels, art supplies, dolls and books. My brother enjoyed playing with them as much as the little ones under the guise of "showing them how." Some things never change, thank goodness.

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