August 25, 2008

Done and done

I am excited, and more than a little relieved, to tell you that I've finished both quilts! And with plenty of time to spare.


I wanted a simple, laid back summer look so I quilted every 6 inches down the length of the quilts. I love the soft look that resulted. Now brace yourself...I attached the binding entirely by machine. I know. I know. Forgive me quilters of the world for I have sinned. It's not something I would normally do but there was no physical way to handstitch 45 feet of binding in less than a week.

Front & Back Mosaic

The back may be a little wonky in a few places but it's the back. I still have movement in my wrist and my sanity is in tack. I figured these two small points were more important than trying to achieve perfection.


I did learn alot in these few weeks of mad making.

First, a random pattern for the backing may have been a better choice. It would have hidden the stretching that happened as a result of putting a 6 yard length of fabric through the washing machine and dryer. (I tried hard to square it up but if the selvedge lined up on the mat I was never cutting through the center of all the primroses. Any hints?)

Second, my home will not accomodate a quilt larger than twin size. My kitchen floor had mere inches left after the quilt back was taped to the floor.

Third, there is such a thing as too much pinning. You'll know you've reached that point when the skin begins peeling off your thumb and you're only on the first half of the first quilt.

Finally, a walking foot rocks!


Kay said...

LOL, Lord help me because I can't handstitch the binding on for my mini swap even, I'm handstitching challenged in more ways than one, lol. So you have been given a pardon by me, if anyone asks, lol.

I'm also limited by my kitchen floor space to twin quilts, too funny! I thought I was the only one. Also, another kwinky dink is that I also used too many pins for the first time today and yes my thumbs hurt, no fun.

Helen said...

This looks lovely! Nice and crisp! LOL, yes, walking feet do rock!

yvette said...

The quilts do look very nice and soft :> I also have a problem with floor space when it is time to baste the quilts. But I have read about quilters basting their quilt by sections on a table. I'll probably try it out for my next quilt ;>

Here's a link with some simple pointers:,1789,HGTV_3303_1579820,00.html

Good luck! :>

The Calico Cat said...

A. They both look nice!
B. I don't pre-wash. (I like the puckery look that you get after washing the whole quilt. It is usually more pronounced if you do not prewash. That all depends on the fabric - some shrink, creating the puckers, more than others.)
C. Done is better that perfect!

sheepish one said...

both are so fresh looking - summery, indeed!

beautiful work.

The List Writer said...

My local quilt shop has a plaque on the wall which reads "Finished is better than perfect"!

I think they both look great. And I didn't even know you COULD machine bind a quilt. Off to find out more now. That sounds like a handy thing to know.

Dana said...

They both look amazing. I have a stack of Pop Garden but it is so beautiful I'm almost afraid to cut it. :) Love these.

Two Dogs and a Quilt said...

Love these Pop Garden beauties! Especially the different color backings.

Breakfast for Dinner said...

I love both of these! And I would totally much faster and it'll last longer. What fabric is on the backings? Very pretty!