August 14, 2008

Dispatch from the left coast

Auntie Elise checking in to give an update. There have been many photos taken but I forgot the camera cord again and can't bring myself to buy another replacement. Seriously, I could buy a new camera with all the money I've spent on camera cords while away from home. So, no photos until we get back in a few days. Until then, a short list of the highlights so far.

Birthdays celebrated: 1 down, 2 remaining
Number of bug-themed birthday cakes planned for party on Saturday, cupcakes included: 7
Number of times two year-old niece has asked my husband to read his address book to her: countless
Answer given by almost two year-old niece when asked her age: "Anna-and-a-half"
Answer given by almost four year-old nephew when requested to not get any older: "but I can't stop my grow!"
Chai lattes consumed: 6
Cost, in Canadian dollars, of 8 vintage pillow cases and one vintage linen table cloth at the Salvation Army Thrift Store: $16.06
Number of doll cribs my brother is making in his shop right now: 2
Number of doll cribs I will be bringing home in my luggage: 1

Number of meals eaten at the beach: 4
Days left in vacation: not enough

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