August 12, 2008

Insane, on many levels

I was light on the posting last week. That does not mean I was sitting idly on my hands though. My fingers were getting quite an internet shopping workout. Did you know that clicking “add to cart” counts as weight bearing exercise? If you want to add a little cardio don’t memorize your credit card number and leave your purse across the room.

The insane amount of internet shopping was the fault of one Heather Bailey. Soon after she unveiled her Pop Garden and Bijoux fabric lines I had envisioned two major projects. These projects required nine prints at a total of 17 yards plus 5 yards of white to break it all up. The best part? The new fabrics didn’t begin showing up in stores until the end of July and I have a self-imposed deadline of Labor Day weekend.

Pop Garden & Bijoux

8 of the 9 prints + white

Unfortunately, my former favorite on-line retailer for one stop faric shopping made the decision not to carry Westminster or Free Spirit fabrics any longer. That means no Amy, no Heathers, no Joel, and no Anna Maria. Crazy! It was a very sad day indeed when I received that e-mail. That meant I had to find a new retailer.

Browsing all over the internet I couldn’t find a single retailer who had the entire collection. What I did find were three fantastic sellers who really came through for me in crunch time: fabricsupplies, sewlovefabrics, and Quilt Home. They couldn’t have been nicer to work with in setting up custom orders, their prices were good, and their shipping was incredibly fast. Just what I needed with September looming. Definitely give them a look the next time you’re shopping for fabric.

Pop Garden & Bijoux

a baker's dozen of the 17

Now here’s where you will think I’ve really lost it. I didn’t stop at the nine fabrics I needed. I ordered an additional 17 fabrics just because I loved them and they seemed to be hard to get. And I might as well only pay for shipping once or thrice, right? Please, tell me you’re just as crazy about fabric as I am.


Katie said...

You are too funny - I'm glad to see someone else is as crazy about fabric as me! I have ordered from fabricsupplies and sewlovefabrics and loved them both - I will have to try quilthome for my next big order :-) Can't wait to see your projects!

One Shabby Chick said...

I'm just as crazy as you :-)
And I love sewlovefabrics...there is also fabricworm on etsy - she's really great too.
And yes, Pop Garden is incredible - you can't stop at just a couple fabrics - they are so beautiful!!
Can't wait to see what you come up with...and I only wish online shopping was a form of exercise!!


Anonymous said...

oh yes, I've been shopping at fabricsupplies too. they have super fast shipping. I ordered on Friday and it's on my mailbox by Monday!

Kay said...

I'm crazy about fabric too and would soo do that if I could get away with it. Alas, we are a family of 6 on a tight budget so it's just not in the cards for me to shop like that. Thanks for the opportunity to live vicariously through you! ;)