October 26, 2008

My eyes!

There I was, innocently browsing the internet in an attempt to find some new tights for fall/winter skirt wearing and I stumbled upon these and these amidst an entire page of these. Noooo!!!! People, footless leggings are for working out only. Period, end of discussion.

I was a little nervous when skinny jeans came back, but this makes it official, 80's fashion is here again. It was fun, once, but I am way too old to go there again. Plus, there is no way that I can endure the inevitable mid-life crisis album from Madonnna now that she is single again.

1 comment:

One Shabby Chick said...

Ughh - 80's fashion - I know!
Although those silver rubber leggings are quite cute (just joking!!)