October 19, 2008

Baby waiting gifts

Yesterday I put a little package in the mail for a friend who is expecting her first baby in the next few weeks. She lives on the other side of the continent so I wasn't able to attend her green baby shower in person. Apparently everyone 40 and under understood that it was an eco-friendly themed event and brought gifts that were either used or made using sustainable resources but she did get a few green-colored items from the older generation - too funny.

My green contribution was a pair of locally printed organic cotton onsies that I picked up at Ferdinand in Portland and another pair of stay-on baby booties that I knit using washable wool. I had intended to use hand-spun wool in the appropriately named (for a late October baby) All Hallows Brew colorway from Hands and Notions, but the gauge was way off and I couldn't make them work. My friend is a dedicated journal keep, so I included this lovely Nikki McClure mother's journal. And, of course, the Boston version of the Good Night Our World series so the kid knows were I live.

These boots were made for wriggling Oh, and if you are having a baby soon and I know you, expect a pair of hand knit booties from me. They are the only good thing to come out of the endless TV coverage of the recent election shenanigans, in our house at least.

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