January 1, 2009

32 things

When I recently stumbled across 37 things to do before I turn 38 from hulaseventy I instantly knew how I was going to approach 2009. So this year, the year in which I turn 32, I want to:

1. try one new recipe each week
2. redecorate the living room
3. redecorate the kitchen
4. decorate my workspace
5. take a cheese making class
6. organize my recipe file
7. read a Jane Austen novel (or two or three)
8. figure out make-up
9. visit Kripalu three times
10. launch small j
11. go on a picnic
12. have dinner at No. 9 Park
13. make 2 crochet projects
14. take a picture a day
15. pick strawberries
16. buy fresh flowers every month
17. design 4 projects with Creative Suite
18. make my perfect skirt pattern
19. visit Eric Carle museum
20. take the Ben & Jerry's tour
21. get a backup system for the computer
22. have dinner in the North End
23. spend a weekend at the beach in Maine
24. visit ICA-Boston
25. take a hike in a state park
26. make the weekender & Sofia bags
27. have brunch at Gaslight & shop SOWA Open Market
28. buy a fabulous pair of boots
29. take a vacation to a warm destination
30. spend a long weekend in a new-to-me city
31. shop Brimfield
32. update the 'do

What's on your wish list for 2009?

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