January 4, 2009

Christmas 2008 recap

I woke my house full of sleepy heads with the scent of baking waffles, and then we ate them with creme fraiche and cherry butter. For this batch I used the Really Great Food Company gluten-free pancake mix with an extra splash of vanilla. The cherry butter was a new find, I also mixed it with a little chocolate ganache and used it as the filling for a chocolate cake and it was spectacular.
Of course, there were presents. They were all opened for us by my mother-in-law who took child-like delight in ripping into the packaging. Ahem. She did hand over the gifts to the intended recipients and none of the rest of us had to risk a paper cut or broken nail.
I received this fabulous handbag from my loving husband who even let me go to the store with him to pick it out.
cake stand
Also for me, a long-coveted cake stand which was put to use immediately for the birthday cake for my husband that is part of our Christmas tradition. You'd think that having a Christmas birthday would have been a burden on him as a child, but to the contrary, he grew up thinking that Christmas was all about him, tree, presents and all. Typical only-child syndrome, I suspect.
Jewish Christmas traditions
Then we all put on our assorted new finery and went out. First to feed a friend's chinchillas and then on to Coolidge Corner hoping to find somewhere to have coffee. I was surprised that the only businesses open seemed to be the Starbucks, JP Licks, a couple of falafel places and, of course, the theatre. Maybe everyone was in Florida? We did find our coffee and a warm place to sit so it all worked out.
Apricot Dream Bars in the making
After we got home I baked Apricot Dream Bars to fulfill my husband's annual birthday wish to have the house smell like cookies all day long.
Baka stirring the risotto
Once they were out of the oven I put Baka to work stirring the wild mushroom risotto and sent the birthday boy outside to grill filet mignon for our Christmas/birthday lunch. We ate a lot, rested, and then had cake. It was a very good day. 

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