January 30, 2009

Christmas Past

Christmas is already more than a month behind us and I’ve yet to share my handmade Christmas gifts. Today I shall remedy that.

frenchy shoulder bags

First up are the Frenchy shoulder bags made for my old college pals. This continues to be one of the most satisfying patterns I make. Not only does it go together beautifully but it also generates a wonderful response from the recipients every time. I tried to match the fabrics to their personalities and I think I did it. E & K raved about them at our girls’ dinner out. I blushed and graciously accepted the compliments.

patchwork pillows

Next are some pillows inspired by all the tiny patchwork squares I was seeing at Posie. I used all my most loved scraps for these. The squares are each 2” so I spent a few early morning cutting sessions before work getting them ready. The pillows are 16” square with an envelope back for easy cleanup. I also “lined” the front panel with flannel to make them extra soft for lazy winter naps.


Finally, the one Christmas present that didn’t make it to Christmas, a Wee Wonderful teddy bear for Little Miss Lou. While helping me unpack Lou found my secret suitcase compartment where I thought I’d hidden the bear. She pulled it out and asked what it was. “A teddy bear”, I replied, “and-um-it’s for you”. Which prompted her to jump up and down on my bed where she proclaimed, “Now I won’t have bad dreams anymore.” I think I granted a Christmas wish.

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