February 1, 2009

A whole lot of pink

pink booties
Another pair of the Stay-on Baby Booties from Knitting for Baby, again made using the Filatura Di Crosa Italian cotton. They are for my hair stylist, who is having a little girl in a few short weeks. Aren't they yummy? Every time I make a pair of these I bemoan the fact they they don't come in my size. But this time I actually did something about it.

Behold, my new MP superwash wool tights from Cambridge Clogs in Porter Square (formerly Vintage, etc.) I've been wanting some warm tights for winter skirt wearing but have never been able to wear wool next to my skin for more than, oh, ten minutes or so without serious consequences. These MP tights are lined with cotton and are not itchy at all (they even come in organic cotton for those of you who are so inclined). I might have to go back for the blue pair, one can never have too many pairs of striped tights, right?

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