February 18, 2009

Baby Dolls

Last summer, sitting in the sun, I began and completed my first Stitchette. Things happened, time passed, and snow began to fly. It was the perfect time to get back to stitching the remaining girls of summer. And complete them I did on quiet Michigan mornings before Christmas, where tons of snow was flying both from the sky and the ends of shovels.

summer stitchettes

I knew what these girls would become then but they sat in the bottom of my project bag until the weekend before Valentine’s Day. Out they came to be ironed, matched with fabrics, and sewn into rough doll outlines. A bit of stuffing was added and they became the cutest little baby-sized dolls I’ve ever seen.

embroidered dolls

Baby B, at just two months old, doesn’t quite have the ability to grasp more than a handful of hair. I’m hoping, though, that soon these will be loved, waved about, and slobbered all over. For now I’m so happy to know that Mommy thinks they are the most perfect baby toy ever.

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Annika said...

I love them! The perfect first dolls.