February 28, 2009

don't know what you've got till it's gone*

Niagara Falls tin
A while back, I found this vintage Horner's toffee tin in a local consignment shop and knew I had to have it. I love old confectionary tins in general, but to find one that features photos from Niagara Falls, my birthplace, seemed particularly serendipitous. So home it came where it has since been filled with vintage buttons from a couple of other recent antique store outings.

Tharold Stone Road
A few years ago I tried to find the house we lived in when I was born. I had the address, a map and this photo from the family album plus my mom's recollection that there was a cemetery a block or two away. After driving up and down the road several times, and watching the street numbers disappear where the house was supposed to be, I had to admit defeat. It appeared that the house with the beautiful rose bushes in the back yard that my mom loved had been torn down and replaced by a Quickie Mart.

Even though I have no actual memories of this house, the fact that it had been bulldozed to make way for a strip mall disturbed me a little. Since then I've kept my eyes open for vintage memorabilia from Niagara Falls. In addition to the tin I have a few travel brochures from the 70's that are pretty neat - I love the old illustrations.

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