February 24, 2009

Baby Roboto


I just found out that some dear friends welcomed their third baby boy at the beginning of January. An impressive seventeen days late, eleven pound bruiser of a baby boy, no less. Wow, just, wow.


Fortunately I always have some pre-washed cotton onsies on hand and ready for embellishment at a moment's notice. I pulled out one in size 6-9 months along with my just arrived stack of David Walker Robots fabric and set to work. I hadn't added an applique of this size on a onesie before and was a little worried that my hand-sewn blanket stitch wouldn't be enough to keep it attached, but it seems pretty sturdy. And really, it's only going to fit him for five minutes or so, right?

I added this pair of the stay-on baby booties that I seem to be obsessed with knitting and whipped up a monogrammed drawstring bag to wrap them in. Hopefully Baby E. won't have grown out of them by the time they arrive.

1 comment:

mames said...

i love the set, the robot is adorable. i also knit those booties up for my twin boys before they were born, they are the only ones that actually stay on.

just found your site somehow and i really like it, the beef stew sounds awesome. i am going to try that recipe. thanks.