February 2, 2009

For Baby

Pajamas and slippers are the best. Pajamas and slippers for a newborn are even better.

PJs and Booties

These are the Kimono pajamas and cutie booties from Amy Butler’s Little Stitches for Little Ones. The Kimono pajamas came together very quickly and easily. I did find the directions for putting on the bias trim a bit strange. You start by attaching the bias trim as you would on a quilt, then folding it over to the back. Rather than stitching in the ditch the directions have you create a visible stitching line all around the trim. Why see stitching when you don’t need to?


Pinned and ready

Now about those cutie booties. Upon first glance I thought they’d be an easy project. Wrong, but that’s partly my fault. You see I skim directions more often than I read them. This leads to more time spent with my seam ripper than is necessary. If you want to avoid attaching the velcro four times I highly recommend carefully reading the instructions. OK, so I corrected those mistakes only to reach the end and find you have to hand sew the lining bottom in. Ugh! I hate handsewing! After much pinning and cursing and stitching while listening to This American Life podcasts I finished them. And they were worth it! Along with the pajamas they make a stunning baby gift, don't you think?


Two Dogs and a Quilt said...

So sweet!

sheepish one said...

really, you spend quality time with your seam ripper, too? as a beginning sewer, mine should really just have a holster, because i'm constantly using it, constantly setting it down somewhere, then constantly on the hunt for it...
but really, the pajamas and slippers ARE a most stunning baby gift; i love (of course) the fabric combination. i'm sure the mommy will be saving this outfit for the shadow box! beautiful, beautiful!

LittleReece said...

Oh I love them! I have been dying to try to sew some baby shoes, and those are the cutest. Thanks for putting up this review!

Rae said...

Those are so sweet! I love the fabrics you chose. I have some of the main fabric waiting to turn into something, and this book...hmmm... (: