February 15, 2009

Recipe of the (Last) Week

Recipe: Cranberry-Oatmeal Bars
Source: Cooking Light

cranberry-oatmeal bars

Ingredients: *****
As far as dessert bars go these are pretty wholesome. These is oatmeal, orange juice and zest, and cranberries. There is a mere 6 tablespoons of butter which gets divided into 24 bars. It's like these isn't any butter in them at all. I even made them more wholesome by using reduced fat sour cream. I also reduced the sugar since the cranberries I had were sweetened.

Preparation: *****
Unlike the crust in some bar cookie recipes there was actually enough here to evenly and easily pat it into the bottom of the pan. I really appreciate that. I find it terribly aggravating when it's nearly impossible to get the crust into the entire pan's dimensions. The filling was just a matter of mixing and pouring. Dot the top with the reserved crust and into the oven it goes. Another thing to love about these bars is they bake for 40 minutes which is just enough time to squeeze in a Sunday afternoon nap.

cranberry-oatmeal bars

Taste: ****
These have been described in my house as the taste of sunshine followed by the tanginess of cranberries. You'd think he was describing a fine wine. While these may not be fine wine, they are certainly a great little bar cookie. I think they belong on a brunch buffet somewhere in the fall but really they'd do anytime.

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