March 28, 2009

Another lap quilt

nic's quilt
I promised my sister-in-law I would make her a lap quilt for her front room in her new house right after I made my mom's.  Well, her house isn't quite as new as it was, but I did finally finish the quilt and take it out to her on my last visit.  I was thrilled with how well the fabrics I chose went with her decor and recruited my niece and her side-kick Clifford to help me take some photos.
nic's quilt
I used the pattern from Bend the Rules Sewing but increased the size to 50 inches square like I did the first time around. Our family is tall and I wanted to make sure someone could really cozy up under it.
nic's quilt
Clifford wasn't really holding up his end of the deal, so Grandma stepped in for the final shot.  Can you tell that my love of red runs in the family?

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yvette said...

This is really pretty! And yes, it goes very well with the decor (Clifford too!) ;> Can I ask if you have any problems with the red colours bleeding?