March 30, 2009

Recipes of the Week

It happened again. I spent another weekend away working on the list. (I promise to share more on that later.) But luckily for you I planned ahead and tried out two new recipes to tell you all about. They lack pictures but trust me: they look good, taste good, and are worth a try.

Southwest Pinto Bean Burgers with Chipotle Mayonnaise
Flavors of the Southwest are my favorite and this recipe did not disappoint. The burgers themselves were a bit of a pain to work with because the mixture is pretty loose. Do not skip refrigerating the burgers before cooking them. This did help firm them up a little. I might even pop them in the freezer for the same amount time to make them even easier to work with. We ate these as burgers but I think they’d make a really great appetizer. Next time I’d fry up mini-patties and serve them over a bed of greens, drizzled with the chipotle mayonnaise.

Chicken with Olives and Lemon
This recipe is great. All you have to do is toss some chicken thighs in an herb and spice mixture, arrange it in a pan, and pour a flour/broth mixture over it. Top with olives and lemons and as the dish bakes it creates it’s own flavorful sauce. It’s hard to believe such a small investment in time can yield such delicious results.

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