March 26, 2009


The dudely would tell you I’m a picky sleeper, but that’s just not true. I just know what I like. I like it on the cool side and I like it dark, really dark. Cool and dark is not a problem in New England in fall and winter. Achieving the two in spring and summer, however, is a problem.

Cool is easy enough with the windows thrown open and the help of a cute, little window fan. However, that means I have to forgo the blinds being fully closed. This leaves a direct path from the streetlight to my sensitive eyeballs. This year I’ve thought ahead and done something about it.

sleep mask

Behold my new sleep mask. The pattern is from Amy Butler’s In Stitches. I did make a few changes to the instructions. The first was using just two layers of batting rather than the four suggested. It’s plenty dark enough and cuts down on the bulk in the seams. I also decided not to use ribbon ties. I just couldn’t see how they’d stay tied all night long and I didn’t want a bump on the back of my skull. OK, so maybe I’m a little picky.

sleep mask - back

What I went with was elastic hidden in a casing. I roughly measured my head, added an inch for the seam allowance, and ended up with a 12.5” piece of elastic. I then cut a piece of fabric for the casing at 1.5 times the length and 3.5 times the width of my elastic, sewed it up, and turned it right side out. Next I fed the elastic through the casing, pinning and aligning the edges of the casing and elastic. (This keeps you from losing the elastic inside the longer casing.) From there I followed Amy’s directions and found myself ready for any warm nights that spring and summer may bring.

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