April 1, 2009

Fun facts

It's true; I celebrated a birthday yesterday. In the spirit of giving I thought I'd share a few fun facts about me and my first 32 years.

1. I am the oldest of four.
2. It goes girl-boy-girl-boy.
3. I refused to miss school the day my youngest brother was born.
3. My full first name really is Tory.
4. Although I’ve mistakenly been called Tony and Troy. Yuck!
5. As a child I was a sleepwalker.
6. I was and still am a vivid dreamer.
7. One of the weirdest involved a saxophone playing serial killer at McDonald’s.
8. The most recurring involves tornadoes.
9. I won two spelling bees in elementary school.
10. On the way to a regional competition I threw up all over.
11. I really admire the dedication of runners.
12. I can’t imagine running for exercise.
13. Ironically, I was a distance runner on the high school track team.
14. I don’t really care for white wine.
15. Please make mine red & dry.
16. I don’t text.
17. I don’t even know my cell phone number.
18. I believe ice cream to be a perfectly acceptable dinner.
19. So is cookie dough.
20. I still think about when I grow up.
21. Strangely I’m always taller in those daydreams.
22. My favorite movie in college was Toy Story.
23. Now I can’t remember what I watched two weeks ago.
24. I have very tiny fingers and hands.
25. The same cannot be said of my hips.
26. My favorite sport is men’s college basketball.
27. I am a devout Spartans fan.
28. Thursday is my favorite day of the week.
29. After Dr. Greene died I couldn’t bring myself to watch ER anymore.
30. Now I watch America’s Next Top Model.
31. I love tulips.
32. I hate forsythia.

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