April 19, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Lumber & Log Book
Today is my brother's birthday, number 36 if I remember correctly. He is tall, funny and really good at making things. All sorts of things, but especially out of wood. A few weeks ago my husband spotted this vintage book in a local antiques shop and we bought it as a birthday gift. Hopefully the USPS and Canada Post got it to him on time.
Sawing machine
I love the illustrations and tables of still-relevant data, I wonder if Dick Proenneke took a copy with him to Alaska? There's probably a logging app for the iPhone these days, but coverage is still pretty spotty out the woods.
Logging poetry
Who knew that early 20th century lumberjacks enjoyed reading a few lines of poetry during their lunch breaks? I guess I figured they would be too busy singing.

Hope you have a great birthday little brother!

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