April 7, 2009

Little Chef

When little Miss Lou got her play kitchen two years ago I had to make her an apron and oven mitt. She was very happy to play with the kitchen as is but a sewing auntie couldn’t possibly resist the opportunity to sew for her niece.

Tiny Baker Set

Now at nearly 4 years old she’s become quite good at voicing requests of her sewing auntie. With the play kitchen being used less and less in favor of real cooking with Mommy and Nana she decided what she needed was a chef’s hat. Because a little chef who provides running commentary, much like a TV celebrity chef, must be properly attired.

chef's hat

So that’s what she got, a classic chef’s hat. I found a free tutorial that provided the general recipe for construction but was peppered with errors. (I’m laughing at my own remarkable cooking humor as I type this.) Don’t get too steamed. Just eyeball the placement of the velcro and pull out that basting stitch that is not put in a location that would be covered by the band. In the end what you’ll create is perfect in the eyes of a 4 year old. Besides the real goal of this project is to foster their love of cooking. Afterall, food and memories go hand in hand.

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