August 24, 2009

Conversation with a Four Year Old

fabric flower

Me: Should I bring you a present the next time I visit?

Little Miss Lou (not missing a beat): Yes, I’d like one of those bowls you keep fish in.

Me (stammering): Um, I think that’s too big to fit in my suitcase. They probably won’t let me bring that on the airplane.

Little Miss Lou (not missing another beat): OK, I’ll take a box of toys.

Me (stammering yet again): I thought you might like me to MAKE you something. Do you remember that flower pin I had on my sweater the last time I visited?

Little Miss Lou (so sweetly now): Oh, I do, Auntie J. It was so pretty on your sweater. Can you make me one of those?

Me (having regained my composure): Of course, I’ll make you one!

Little Miss Lou (twinkle in her eye): You know I love orange!

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