August 13, 2009

Made by Me/Made by Rae

When it comes to sewing there are only a few things that I hate. One of those things I hate is clothing construction for moi. I know zip about fit and pattern alteration, and these seem to be important parts of clothing construction. So far this summer I’ve failed miserably at a dress (shapeless shift!) and turning said shapeless shift into a skirt. I hold out hope I can rescue the skirt but for now we need a little time apart.

summer ruffle blouse

But if at first, and second, you don’t succeed try, try again. And try again I did with this fabulous spring ruffle top from Made by Rae. The beauty of this pattern is that there are no pattern pieces. You measure where you need to measure and construct your own perfectly fitted pattern piece. Genius! And the construction was so easy, so straight-forward, that I completed it in an afternoon.

summer ruffle blouse

It’s not my typical blouse. I tend to shy away from really loose, flowing tops, always afraid someone might mistake me for a pregnant woman. But, I have successfully worn this out in public on several occasions and not once was I asked my due date or berated for drinking a beer in my condition. And, it’s a good thing, too. I probably would have popped them in the nose. Hoping, of course, not to get any blood on my beautiful summer top.

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Diann said...

It came out beautiful..and I love the fabric. I have the same problem when making things for myself.In fact when I start to make something for myself I WILL NOT tell anyone for fear they will ask how it came out. I have a secret stash of half- made things that I could not make fit properly. And I'm a professional seamstress!