November 22, 2009

Semi-home made, crafting edition

I love giving hand crafted gifts, but there are many occasions when I can't find the time or summon the energy to pull together a Made by Elise original. Lately I've been whipping up last minute gift bags for purchased outfits, books and the like. They're quick to make and are a lovely way to individualize a present. And, quite honestly, the bag is likely to still be in use long after the contents have been outgrown.
fairy bag
This little bag was made for my niece's third birthday. I used some re-purposed linen from a dress I bought at the thrift store for $2 and appliqued on a Wee Wonderfuls Tulip Fairy Stitchette that I stitched up on linen a while ago and had hanging around. I even managed to use the hem of the dress for the top so the bag literally came together with three seams, four button holes and a yard of purple cording I found in my box of random sewing stuff (everyone has one of those, right?). Inside the bag was a little outfit I put together (but didn't manage to photograph) comprised of a Lazy Days Skirt in a printed corduroy and a T-shirt and tights from Target.
beanstalk bag
For a birthday gift for a certain one year-old, I made this simple tote from a fairy tale print purchased long ago from Superbuzzy. The handles are 3/8 inch grosgrain ribbon that I stitched on by hand, adding four buttons for detail. Inside was another Target outfit and a little board book that I thought would delight his hip Vancouver parents as much as the sushi-loving birthday boy himself (I was correct).

Next up, a new baby/new mom gift that I'm heading straight to the sewing room to finish.

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