January 5, 2010

A Year in Sewing

2009::a year of sewing

See that? Up there? That's just a portion of all the sewing I did in 2009. Would you care to hear the full list of my comleted sewing projects? Yes? I thought so.

5 charming handbags, 12 coffee cozies, 3 clutches, 2 patchwork table runners, a swing swing smock, a chef's hat, a sleep mask, 4 Oliver + S playsuits, 2 comfy jumper dresses with bloomers, a flower girl dress, a smocked sundress, 8 yoga mat totes, a birdie sling, 2 patchwork belts, a set of embroidered dolls, 2 mousepads, 2 lazy days skirts with matching embroidered Ts, 8 half aprons, 2 full aprons, an oven mitt, a patchwork scarf, a ruffled spring blouse, a baby quilt, 3 zippered wristlets, a fabric flower pin, a weekender bag, and a stuffed elephant

It's a pretty impressive list, if I do say so myself. For a few of those projects I plan to share more details soon. For instance, the elephant I wanted to keep for myself but didn't and the bag that nearly killed me.

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Julia said...

Wow, what an amazing collection, i love your fabric choices, so bright and fresh!!