September 16, 2010


For more than a year now Little Miss Lou has been talking about when she was little. Because you know that at 4 going on 5 you are all grown up and ready to take on the world. Or really just take on kindergarten. And that’s just what she started doing last week.

kindergarten wardrobe

As a complete, rambling aside….How did this happen? It was but yesterday that I met her for the first time. She was tiny little thing, only slightly bigger than a five pound bag of flour. Her car seat seemed to consume her and her beautiful, pink baby flesh. And poof, overnight, she’s five and getting ready for her first day of school. I certainly don’t feel five years older but one look at her and I realize time has been marching along. And in that gap of time a beautiful kid emerged, full of energy, imagination, politeness, and the occasional bad joke.

jumprope dress

So, what was I to do but make her a kindergarten wardrobe? I may not be able to stop those hands of time but I can certainly turn out a handmade wardrobe special enough to mark this amazing milestone.

sunday brunch jacket and skirt

Of course, the patterns are from Oliver + S. They are simple, classic silhouettes and they’ve never let me down. I picked the jump rope dress (because I not so secretly wish they had an adult size), the Sunday brunch jacket and skirt, and the 2 + 2 blouse and skirt. For fabrics I wanted a palette of red, orange, turquoise, and blue. That led me to prints from Joel Dewberry, Heather Bailey, Cosmo Cricket, and Anna Griffin. And because not everything can be a print I chose some red broadcloth and red fine wale corduroy that feels as soft as velvet.

2+2 blouse

I couldn’t be more proud of the wardrobe I came up with. It’s perfect for a girl her age and will take her from late summer through fall and early winter. Imagine the dress on chilly days with tights and a cardigan. Or those blouses with a cute pair of cords and a long sleeve T underneath. And then there is the brunch jacket with a dark pair of jeans, some wild socks, and a pair of brown mary janes.

2+2 blouse

But all that pales in comparison to how proud I am of Little Miss Lou. Though she was a bit nervous she handled herself with such confidence that first day. Congratulations, my sweet Lou! I hope you enjoy every day of this new adventure.


Tanya Bermudez said...

So cute! Makes me want to have a little one soon :)

mlandry said...

You did a great job!!

lucy said...

Yay! So cute! What great baby gifts ideas these will make!