October 4, 2010

Plus One

plus one baby boy

Take one adorable couple then add one gorgeous baby boy and what do you get? The plus one baby boy quilt, of course!

I knew I wanted to make Mr. E a baby quilt to welcome him into the world but I struggled with what it would look like. I wanted it to have meaning and not just be useful. Luckily, the internet is jammed packed with inspiration and I found mine at Film in the Fridge.

plus one baby boy

For me all those plus signs speak not only to the addition of a family member but also the addition of immense amounts of love to your life. It is the addition of a connection between mom, dad, and baby E. It is the addition of the best kind of chaos. The addition of rough and tumble play and scraped knees. It is the addition of memories just waiting to be made.

plus one makes three

A new baby is so much more than the seemingly simple addition of one.

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