February 2, 2011

2011 in Lists

For a few months I've had ideas tumbling around in my head about what I wanted to accomplish in 2011. I've done a list before but it didn't really capture all the ideas or options that appear throughout the year. And although I was the author of the list I never felt like I could change it once I put it out there. In the end it felt a bit like a to-do list and I lost some steam along the way.

For 2011 I've developed a different plan for my lists making. The lists will be divided into categories: The Handmade, The Food, The Nest, The Experiences, and The Vanity. They will be living lists and things may be get the axe and other things may be added as new opportunities or interests appear. It's my way of keeping track of all the ideas that float through my head and a way to make sure I'm tackling the ones that end up most important to me.

Each day over the next week I'll post the list for each of my categories. I'll also be adding a sidebar category with links to all the lists so you can find them easily. My hope is to keep each list updated regularly with status or links to pictures or full blog posts so you can see how I'm doing.

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