May 16, 2011

Flea Market Survival

I’m sad to report that Brimfield was a bust. Early in my adventure I found one decent pair of chairs. In the right place with the right paint and fabric they would have been awesome. But they were a little too feminine for what I have in mind for my space. Fast forward 3.5 hours and I found a pair of old, perfectly worn leather club chairs. I sat in them. I admired them from afar. I sat in them again. Then I asked the price and choked. $5000 for the pair! Not exactly what I’d been budgeting for chairs. Alas, the hunt continues.

flea market survival kit

Since I have nothing to show for my hours of wandering I thought I’d share my flea market survival kit instead.
(1) Cash, because it is king. For cases of emergency spending there is a check and a credit card but you’ll get the best deal with cash.
(2) A notebook and pen. When I leave home this book is filled with measurements for spaces I’m looking to fill, door jamb widths, stairway heights, and the space in the back of the car. A treasure isn’t a treasure if you can’t get it into your house.
(3) Measuring tape. See number 2.
(4) Camera. Sometimes it helps to snap a picture of something you like but aren’t too sure about yet. Also, write down the booth information in that handy notebook you brought so you know where to return to when you realize you can’t live without said item.
(5) Sunblock and sunglasses. I’m pale, really pale. The only way to survive is with sunblock and sunglasses. If it hadn’t been overcast with threats of rain you would also see my brimmed straw hat up there.
(6) Water. You can’t be dropping two dollars here and there every time you’re thirsty so I always carry water and refill at fountains as necessary. I’m stingy with the cash since that is what will make my deals even better.
(7) A big canvas tote to store everything you see up there. It’s also really convenient for those tiny treasures you find along the way.

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