May 4, 2011

Progress Report

I have a finished quilt top and I love it! It looks just like the picture I had created in my mind. It is huge though. Little Miss Lou could crawl underneath it and not be seen for days. It measures 72” wide x 84” long which is an appropriate size for a twin sized quilt according to the internet.

finished quilt top

I’d been a little stumped about what to do for the backing so the quilt top has spent the last few weeks folded neatly on the back of my sewing chair. I was leaning towards something quiet and calm since there is a lot of color and pattern on the quilt top. I finally decided I'd do a band of patchwork with the leftover bits from the quilt top with a wide swath of white above and below. However, as I put together that wide strip of patchwork it all went wrong. Somewhere amdist all my piecing something became horribly stretched and no matter what I did my patchwork strip would not lay straight. It was shaped more like a patchwork rainbow with a huge bump in the center. I could not continue with that! Instead the backing became the very simplest it could be: all white.

a lot of triangles

But all is not lost. I think the plain white backing will work better with my original plan to quilt it on the diagonal along the prints. If the patchwork strip had worked out I think I would have wanted plain vertical quilting and that just seems a little boring next to all those great half square triangles!


The quilt is now sandwiched, pinned, and the quilting begun. I hope to get the quilting completed by the weekend and then I can sit back and stitch the binding while Netflix keeps me company.

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Jenny said...

two of my favorite colors together for a quilt!! I love it!