May 2, 2011

{from my kitchen} homemade pasta

cut into fettuccini

Can there be anything wrong with homemade pasta? I didn’t think so and my latest kitchen experiment, thankfully, proves I’m right. What started out as a few eggs, some flour, salt, and a bit of water turned into the silkiest, most delicious pasta I’ve had in a long time. Maybe ever.

homemade fettuccini with prosciutto + orange sauce

I tossed all that glorious pasta in a simple sauce of prosciutto, orange, and cream and found myself near heaven. As I melted into my first bite I couldn’t help but think of it as the ultra-sophisticated cousin of an alfredo, but even that sells it a bit short. I have to admit I am feeling pretty smug about the perfection of this meal.


Little Bluebell (Adrianne) said...

That looks so good. Seriously, my mouth is watering just looking at it! : )

Knarley said...

That was an awsome-ly, tasty and silky smooth pasta with just enough flavor from the other ingredients that all elements came together harmoniously. That's how good it was :) Thanks Tory for the bowl-ful. Dudely