June 6, 2011

A delightful night's sleep

Little Miss Lou thought I was visitng over the long holiday weekend to celebrate her birthday. And she was right, but it also provided the perfect opportunity to give her a suprise bed makeover.

When she went back to school on Tuesday I went into action stripping away the old bedding. In its place went a new bed skirt, white jersey sheets, and the half square triangle quilt.

the finished quilt

I anxiously waited the bus drop-off and tried to casually suggest she change out of her school clothes into some play clothes for an afternoon outside. We all followed her upstairs to her bedroom. As she went into her room she exclaimed, "What in the world?!?!? These are my favorite colors." Awesome!

the finished quilt

When I talked with her the next day I asked how she had slept in her brand new bed. With a big smile on her face she explained, "It was delightful." My sister further elaborated that as soon as she got up that morning Little Miss Lou was found carefully making her bed, smoothing out all the creases, and proclaiming that her little sister Little Miss Bee was not to touch it.

Yeah, I think she likes it!


CannyCat said...

What gorgeous colours! She has very good taste -- and a lovely aunt! :)

Erica said...

What a sweet story, and a beautiful quilt.