June 8, 2011

{eating out} coppa enoteca, boston

Last summer was the first time I gave Coppa Enoteca a try. It was average, neither wowing me or offending my taste buds. At the time I didn’t know if I would go back. But I decided it deserved another try. I’m glad I did.

bread + olive oil

Everything I ordered was fantastic. With aperol spritzer in hand, it all started with the bread and its little bowl of olive oil for dipping. It may seem strange to fall in love with olive oil but I did. It was grassy with a bit of spice and I happily took more bread when they offered. There was no way I wanted to a leave a bit of that oil behind.

scallops atop bean ragout

As a sort of appetizer I chose one of their specials, seared scallops atop a bean ragout. I had to work really hard at not inhaling the entire dish. So, yes, it was very, very good.


For a main course I chose the house made orecchiette with lamb, favas, mint, and pecorino. Again, I needed to prove I was something of a lady and not slurp down the entire bowl. I wish I had had the foresight to order the full size and take some home. But either way I have a feeling there wouldn’t have been any to take home with me.

pistachio gelato

I had intended to skip dessert. I was full of bread, olive oil, scallops, and fresh pasta. But then the server said house made pistachio gelato and I was a goner. Some pistachio gelatos barely taste of pistachios but this one was a winner. I would have happily taken home a pint, er, gallon.

The moral of this little food story? Give the average places a second try. They might just become your “neighborhood” joint as I hope Coppa will become mine.

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