August 24, 2011

New Kitchen

The girls are 18 months old now and are very much into turning the knobs on the stove, peering into the oven and "helping" me cook. It was time for a play kitchen.
We have a tiny space at the end of our counter and I wanted one that would fit and still be fun. I also wanted wood and for it to have a realistic, contemporary feel. After a long night of scouring the web, I landed upon this very helpful review from the folks at ohdeedoh.
The Educo Gourmet Kitchen fit all my requirements and was within my budget - score! A few clicks later and it was on its way. Assembly was a breeze and it seems very sturdy and well made, I am hopeful that it will survive triplets.
When the girls got up this morning, they saw it from down the hall and made a bee-line for it. I had this dish set that we received as a gift and also bought them this coordinating cookware set. I wanted to go with metal or wood, but let's face it, plastic hurts a lot less when it hits you in the head or lands on your toe. Green Toys products are made from recycled plastic and are cute and durable; I'd recommend them.
Internets, this is why I had children.

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