November 10, 2007

My Mailman Loves Me!

I've had an incredible week of mail. It started with the arrival of some new additions to my fabric stash. I put quite a dent in my fabric stores with the craft fair sewing. I thought I'd better plan for the future and get another order placed in preparation for all the holiday sewing I have in mind. Joining their partners already on my shelves are more prints from the Summer in the City, Freshcut, and Peas & Carrots lines. Making a first appearance is Denyse Schmidt's Katie Jump Rope. I can't wait to see what these become.

Next came an addition to my craft book library. After seeing Elise's copy of Last-Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts I HAD to have one too. Even if you're not a crafter you must look at this book. The pictures are fantastic. Everything about this book is art.

Now stay with me because this is where the poised adult Tory exits stage left. Enter stage right my alter ego, Barenaked Ladies obssessed Tory. I LOVE them; like seen them 8 times in 4 different states LOVE. This week marked the release of their first live DVD, Talk to the Hand: Live in Michigan. (Get it? Talk to the hand? Oh, are these boys clever!)

Best part? I was there! I'm a native Michigander so for my 30th birthday present my mom flew me in for the night to see the Michigan concert. Next morning we hopped in the car and drove to Chicago for a girls' weekend of eating, pampering, culture, and...yep, you guessed it...the Chicago concert! That's right, I'm a groupie!


mortimersmom said...

BNL! Oh my god! I am soooo into them. them being Canadians and all.... did you throw KD at them?

Tory said...

I didn't throw any KD. I was much too busy throwing all my love to Ed!