December 22, 2007

Another "done" and some decorating

The wreath is complete. I like how it turned out with the blue and the red. Completely different from where I started with green faux bois ribbon. Sometimes it really is better to let things sit for a day or two before deciding how to finish things. The bell ornament was a MSL Kmart find.

Mini clutch
I also made this mini clutch. It's the pattern from Bend the Rules Sewing made to 1/2 scale and lined with turquoise velvet from a thrift store shirt. I skipped the flannel interfacing; I think it would have been too stiff. The lining colour is a nod to the intended contents, my new iPod nano that Santa decided to bring early. Well, actually, I picked it out but Santa did pay*. Unfortunately I neglected to account for the earphones when I made the case, so it's not quite fully functional. But I love having a palm-sized clutch. I think I'll make more.

tree topper
We got the tree out of the basement and it is mostly decorated. I always love to bring out my treasured ornaments. This paper angel is one of my favorites. She has been at the top of my tree for over a decade. This year she is joined by a new friend, a glass owl from the Macy's MSL Christmas line. Kindness and wisdom, not bad things to put at the top of a tree in my opinion.

It's always fun to find things that I had completely forgotten I owned, like this wooden reindeer. He has a lot of personality and I love his little scarf. I discovered him up at a little shop on Granville Island on a trip home a few years ago. Hopefully there will be better light tomorrow so I can get some more photos. Assuming I also manage to tidy up.

*Have you been to an Apple store lately? They have perfected the retail experience - no lines! When we were ready to pay, one of the employees whipped out a wireless credit card scanner from a holster. He even offered to email the receipt instead of printing one out. Love the Apple store.


Lina said...

Love love love this idea. I am in the middle of making an artsy clutch and was looking through the bend the rules flickr group when I saw this. Santa bought me an iPod nano too and I was thinking about making some kind of pouch. Your idea is perfect - thanks for the hint about the headphones!

Lina said...

just blogged this at - thanks for a great idea!