January 21, 2008

Paint, paint and more paint

Holy moly, what a weekend. H and I spent the entire three days working on getting his bachelor condo into selling shape. Given the sad state of the market we didn't want to invest a lot of cash but something had to be done. The kitchen is the real problem. H has been in deep denial about it; to him it's a rustic kitchen from a mountain lodge and he just doesn't get why anyone might think it was somewhat lacking. The transformation is not yet complete so no after photos, but here is a peek at it in an undeniable state of before:

See what I mean? Ugly beyond belief. And that brick is cemented to the wall. I toyed with removing it, but we don't have time to deal with the consequences if it destroys the wall. Instead, both the brick and the cupboards have received two coats of heavy-duty primer and two coats of semi-gloss in Country Stove White. One more coat on the cupboards and they will be done. We picked out new white appliances at the Sears outlet store that will be delivered next week. Some brushed nickel hardware for the cupboards and stainless steel outlet covers and I think we will have brought it forward in time at least 30 years.

The rest of the condo is fine, it just needs new carpet and a little paint. After seeing the amazing paint effects happening at Ubercrafty, I am tempted to do something fun but will probably cave to our realtor's wishes instead. Oh, and my new lounge pants? Perfect for painting.

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Mortimer's Mom said...

all you need is one wall. one feature wall. a small wall in the entrance, or a not-full wall in the living room. One wall, punchy color. They'll paint over after they move in, but after you see 15 condos with a realtor, the one you'll remember is "the one with that punchy wall" even if you don't like the punchy wall, you'll remember it, and that's what you want to sell.
Trust me. I went against our realtor in all 3 transactions, and all 3 sold above asking, and faster than anyone expected. All 3 times, the realtor ended up agreeing with me, after the fact! I agree that you don't want to over decorate everywhere, people have to imagine their own style, but one wall....
I think I'm going to love the brick painted white!