January 22, 2008

Pillow Talk

It was woman versus machine. At times it seemed that machine would triumph but with enough cursing woman finally prevailed to finish the big dot pillows!

The pattern was easy as can be: make a big piece of patchwork, cut it into circles, attach to pillow tops with Therm O Web, zig-zag around circles....And this is where things came to a screeching halt. My Singer refused to do a zig-zag stitch. It was as if she knew I was thinking of retiring her. I begged and pleaded with her to just finish stitching these eight circles and we'd go back to a straight stitch to finish the pillows. For several hours I struggled with getting the stitching done. In that time the pleading became cursing with a detour straight into threats of launching her out of our top floor window. My stubborness finally wore her down and with fantastic results.

I did make a few changes to the pattern. My pillows are 24" square with four 7.5" circles rather than 28" square with nine 8" circles. I also put my circles on at a bit of an angle. Hardly groundbreaking, I know, but I like the result. For extra cozy softness I also added a layer of flannel facing.

As fairy tales always teach us...good does triumph over evil. In this case good also adds a nice punch of graphic color to the couch, just what it needed.

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kathi d said...

Why do machines always rebel just when you need them most??? LOVE these pillows!