February 25, 2008

Amy + Joel

In my opinion Amy and Joel are gifts from the sewing gods. They take such good care of this new generation of sewers with fabulous patterns and line after line of amazing fabric. So it was only natural that they would one day meet in my projects.

My first Amy and Joel pairing resulted in a Frenchy handbag for my sister at Christmas. It was hard to give this one up. Hearing her exclamation of delight on Christmas morning was worth it though. Then you know you've really made an impression with the next question. "Do you think you could make me a lunch bag too?" I love a design challenge.

Frenchy Handbag

Then in January it was the Frenchy shoulder bag made at my mom's request. It seems mom was showing off some of my work one day on flickr and her friend fell for my Frenchy shoulder bag. Flattered, of course, I agreed to whip one up for mom to give her friend on an upcoming birthday. In a word her friend LOVED the bag. In fact, my mom is beginning to regret giving it to her. Everyday she gushes over the perfect, professional stitching. This causes my heart to do little flip-flops being the perfectionist crafter I am.

Frenchy Bag 3

I think it would be hard to disagree that Amy and Joel aren't perfect partners. Although I'm biased so feel free to disagree....quietly...in your head.

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kathi d said...

I share your bias! Love both these two, and even more together.

I think of Amy as the "mother" of most of my favorite fabric lines these days, because it seems to me that a lot of the current designers are very influenced by Amy's lines. Which is A-OK with me!