February 29, 2008

Listen and leap, forward and back

I'm somewhat enamored with the idea of leap year. A bonus day that only comes every four years is so ripe with possibility. What will happen this leap year day that will remain extra special simply because it can't be commemorated for four more years? It's like a little fold in the fabric of time that you can tuck happenings or ideas or thoughts. I wasn't joking, I'm really quite taken with it.

We were driving home in our new-to-us car today and I discovered CBC radio on Sirius (the previous owner's subscription hasn't run out yet). I was both thrilled to have access to my beloved CBC and a little sad that I have been away from Canada for more than a decade now. There were so many shows that I used to listen to without fail: Quirks and Quarks and Basic Black being my all-time Saturday morning favorites. Alas, Arthur Black has retired to live on Salt Spring Island, a place that is pure earthy-crunchy west coast paradise (yes, I am jealous). I haven't listened to him in many years, but when I read his blog I heard his voice in every word. Love that.

Earlier today Tory pointed me towards the Craftsanity contest to win some of Anna Maria's new fabrics and while I was there I remembered that there were a couple of other crafty podcasts that I wanted to download. Which led to me wandering all over iTunes to subscribe to free podcasts and discovering that I can get lots of my beloved CBC shows too. Why did this never occur to me before? So now I have plenty of listening material to keep me company while I am sequestered in my sewing room in denial of the snowstorm scheduled to begin an hour or two from now.

And I am so participating in this. I can't tell you how much I like the idea of people across Canada settling down every evening with the same book of home grown fiction and listening to the radio. A whole lot.

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