February 24, 2008

February blues

Only five more days until we start marching our way towards spring. I'm a little sick of winter at the moment (well, at least of dealing with the winter) but have decided to make the best of it. Here's my recipe for beating the mid-winter blues:

A delicious chocolate cupcake or two with almond-peppermint frosting. I prescribe one for breakfast and one before bed plus as many in between as necessary. Accompany with plenty of hot tea (try the Blue Flower Earl Grey).

quilt pieces
There's nothing like working towards a nice achievable goal to lift the spirits. How about an easy lap quilt from my favorite sewing book. I have to use up all that fabric before Joel's new line is released.

Blue embroidery
And plenty of cozy time on the sofa with a quiet project and some more tea. I'd skip the cupcake though, the crumbs get everywhere.

1 comment:

Penny said...

I LOVE CUPCAKES! Humm... your cupcakes match your projects....and they are both lovely!