February 4, 2008

Making progress

It was gorgeous here yesterday. Sadly I enjoyed it only from the couch with a cup of hot lemon and a giant pile of Kleenex. The demon cold that has been raging through my workplace finally caught me.

I did get some work done Saturday before I really started to feel sick. Remember those kitchen cabinets? My dear husband has nearly finished sanding them and I got a first coat of primer on about half of them. I'm pretty excited about how the kitchen is turning out. We're hoping to be done in two more weekends - I can't wait to take the "after" photos.

We had to buy a new sheet sander as the ancient one that I inherited from my Dad has gone all wonky and won't keep a piece of sandpaper on it. Tory lent us hers as well so we had two going at certain points over the past week.

H's beverage of choice. Drives me crazy, I'm a water drinking girl myself. At least it's sugar-free?

Hope everyone else had a good weekend.

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