April 6, 2008

Fabric, It's An Addiction

I'm Tory and I'm addicted to fabric (and ice cream, but that's another story).

Midwest Modern - Addiction Set 1

The Anna Maria fabric had barely settled into its new home when I found myself before the computer staring lovingly at the new Amy Butler quilting fabric line, Midwest Modern. You see, I had made myself a quiet promise after my Nigella shopping spree. If I made it through February and March without making a fabric purchase I could go a bit crazy with the new releases due from Anna Maria Horner, Amy Butler and Joel Dewberry beginning in April.

The only fabric that made its way into my home was the Drawing Room fabric and it was a giveaway, so promise kept. That means that on April 1 I could be found pressing the "Order" button for sixteen (yes, you read that right, 16!) of my favorite Midwest Modern fabrics. Overindulgent? Perhaps, but with 10% off from my favorite fabric e-tailer and a birthday gift certificate from my sister the spending madness was brought back towards sanity.

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Anonymous said...

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