April 3, 2008

Special Delivery

With a five day weekend planned to celebrate my birthday I hadn't intended to do anything exciting last Wednesday night. Plans quickly changed when I found this wonderful package from Anna Maria waiting on my kitchen table. Packing and cleaning up my crafting tornado shifted way down the list and "photo shoot" was added to the top in all capital letters. A girl must have her priorities. How many times does a person win fabric that hasn't even hit stores yet?

Special Delivery

I ripped opened the shipping box to find the fabric neatly wrapped in fuchsia tissue paper. I snapped a few photos and carefully pulled back the paper to reveal two perfectly folded stacks of fabric, eight half yard cuts in total. It was certainly more than I had ever expected. Anna Maria had sent each fabric in her Eccentric Warm palette. It was the perfect choice. When she had first posted photos of her Drawing Room fabrics it was this palette that I was drawn to with its rich, vibrant colors. After photographing the stack in many layouts I set about ironing each piece for their close-up shots.

Drawing Room Mosaic

(Left) Trellis (Right, top to bottom) Pressed Flowers, Nouveau Bouquet, Shadow

Drawing Room Mosaic

(Left, top to bottom) Plumes, Volumes, Branching Out (Right) Sketchbook

Aren't they lovely? Even my dudely recognized them as works of art as I showed him each piece. (Thankfully he doesn't bore as quickly with my ramblings on fabric as I do with his ramblings on business ventures.) My current favorite is Trellis with everything else a close second. The fabric is a wonderful weight and will sew up beautifully into anything from home goods to bags to skirts. Start bugging your favorite local or on-line fabric store to stock this line, you're going to need it. I already have big plans for this line. Now if only I could bring myself to cut into it.

I couldn't properly end this post without sending a huge thank you to Anna Maria! Thank you!


Elizabeth said...

Beautiful fabric! I can't wait unti this is available.

varenia said...

oh my when is this coming out? i need it!