January 23, 2008

On Order

With my Singer and I requiring a break after our weekend project and my new and awesome toy on backorder (hints here, here, and here) crafting is on a bit of a hiatus for me. That, however, does not prevent planning for the other projects on my selfish crafting list. I’ve had my eye on fabrics from the Nigella line for my Sophia and Weekender bags and was just waiting for a sale. Luckily, I landed myself at one fabulous sale yesterday.

The top two fabrics (primrose on the left and passion vine on the right) will become the Weekender and Sophia bags. The two fabrics on the bottom (grandiflora on the left and starflower tile on the right) are yet to be determined projects. They coordinate so beautifully with my other choices I just couldn't pass them up. How could I? They combine everything I love: any shade of green, florals, fabrics, and a great deal!


Fab Grandma said...

I found you in a round-about way through Facebook, a post there about gluten-free wedding cake.

I love your blog, I'm going to link to it on mine.

I also love these fabrics!! Where did you get them? I am a "fabric-aholic". I do use them, because I make quilts and teddy bears, but I have way too much.

SewDelish said...

I love these fabrics. Can't wait to see what you do with them.