May 13, 2008

Carry On

Birdie Sling Pattern

With all my excitement around the release of Amy Butler’s Midwest Modern fabric I nearly missed out on the release of two new patterns. Elise alerted me last week to the arrival of the Birdie Sling. It reminded us both of the Frenchy bag but with even more real estate. It would be the perfect size for an afternoon of errands. Nobody will look at you funny if you pass up their plastic bags in favor of using this more eco-friendly, and stylish, option.

Laptop and mp3 Patterns

While wandering around etsy looking for that pattern I noticed the second Amy Butler pattern. This one is for a laptop cover and mp3 case. The mp3 case is very cute and has all the features a person might want in a great mp3 case. The mp3 instructions cover sizes for the ipod classic and touch, iphone and the Zune.

The laptop cover is a simple wrap. The fabric you choose would really make this project something fabulous. The pattern is probably something I could draft myself but I still might pick up the pattern. Why go to all that extra work when Amy and company has already perfected the pattern?

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