May 12, 2008

Look Mom....A Scarf?

To say spring has been highly variable would be an understatement. One day it might reach 50, if you hope hard enough. The next day may be nearly 80 and you’re convinced all cold is far, far behind you. Luckily, I’ve made two scarves to cover whatever Mother Nature may throw at us.

Crocheted Scarf

This first to be completed is a nice, thick crocheted beauty in green. Over the course of several nights I sat with crochet hook, yarn, and books in lap re-teaching myself the single crochet stitch my mom had taught me over a year ago. I just kept going back and forth perfecting my technique and finding a rhythm that gave me consistent stitches and even edges. Before I knew it I had gone through an entire skein of yarn and had what looked like a scarf. I’d like to add some pom-poms to dress it up but I think I’ll set that part aside until fall. I’m really hoping I don’t need to don this scarf until much, much later this year.

Spring Patchwork Scarf

My second scarf is the perfect spring scarf. It features a patchwork strip of Joel Dewberry fabrics in pinks and acid greens with a backing of linen. A flirty little ruffle hangs from the ends, perhaps mirroring the flirting spring is doing with us. The scarf is just the right weight to keep an early morning chill off the neck. Now if only I could find the perfect spring coat to match my lovely scarf. That is one bit of shopping I’d happily set aside with the assurance that my early morning commutes could be done layer-free. Is that too much to hope?

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Caitlin said...

I hear ya! I wish it would get warm (but not humid) and stay that way!