June 29, 2008

And my Saturday

The cool, gray, threatening weather in the Northeast thwarted our original plan of day tripping to Portland. So we went with the next best thing, staying home for a rare day of complete, quiet relaxation. For me that meant episodes of Everyday Baking, reading cookbooks, studying a pattern for upcoming projects, and the all important napping. I did manage to get off the couch for nourishment. If you can call making a tray of caramel corn with peanuts nourishment, which I do by the way.

Tray of Caramel Corn

Caramel Corn

It may not be classic nourishment but it was the perfect snack to power us through the last disc of Weeds: Season 3. If you're looking for a great original series I highly recommend adding Weeds to your Netflix list. Truth in advertising warning: This series is not for everyone.

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Caitlin said...

Ooo, Ikea napkins! That looks SO yummy.